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Smart energy contributes to a cost efficient, sustainable and secure energy system, integrating and coordinating the renewable energy generation,the infrastructures and the demand through energy services, active actors and new technologies.

The future is brighter and eco-friendlier. With global warming and other climate issues currently a major policy concern for governments around the world, the switch to smart energy is becoming more important than ever. We can help you with the transition!

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One of a city's most important pieces of critical infrastructure is its water system. With populations in cities growing, it is inevitable that water consumption will grow as well. The term "smart water" points to water and wastewater infrastructure that ensures this precious resource - and the energy used to transport it - is managed effectively.

We can help you designing a gather meaningful and actionable data about the flow, pressure and distribution of a city's water.

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The production of urban waste is inseparable from human activity. Thus, it is urgent that cities implement a management mechanism that is understandable to citizens, based on principles of Circular Economy and that encourage the prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste.

In order to respond to the requirements determined by national legislation and European regulations, cities are challenged to conceive, define, undertake and promote innovative urban waste management policies, offering citizens reliable, understandable and facilitating measures and solutions. It should also be the objective of cities to keep the community informed about the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of smart solutions adopted for waste management.

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Supporting sustainable choices by taking advantage of digitalisation and automation to achieve seamless, safe and efficient connectivity. Involving an irreversible shift to zero-emission mobility by making all transport modes more sustainable, ensuring wide availability of the most sustainable options and giving users incentives to make sustainable choices; The need for Smart mobility arose out of increasing traffic congestion and its related side effects, including pollution, fatalities, and wasted time.

Want to explore news ways of thinking about how we can get around in a cleaner, safer and more efficient way? We can help you!

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In today’s world of rapid technological disruption, automation, climate change, globalisation, new trade patterns and demographic shifts we need to make sure people have the right skills. Action is needed across all types and levels of skills. Skills gaps, shortages and mismatches act as a brake on innovation and adoption of advanced technologies. Digital skills in particular are a pressing challenge.

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